A Cure For Baldness

Is there a cure for baldness? Yes there is, Kirkland Minoxidil is scientifically proven to regrow hair.

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My Carpet Cleaning Tips

A clean home for me helps keep my head clear too. A nice clean carpet that smells nice is essential.

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Minoxidil for men & women

Does Kirkland Minoxidil work for both men and women? Yes it does but you are not to mix the two, there is a product for men and a product for women.

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Driving lessons in Chester & Ellesmere Port

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is the amount of driving lessons Chester available (see https://www.quailsdrive.co.uk/driving-lessons-chester/). I also looked around for driving lessons Ellesmere Port (see https://www.quailsdrive.co.uk/driving-lessons-ellesmere-port/) which is a bit closer to home and the choice is absolutely huge! So is it to be Chester...Read More »

Video Production - Who Needs It & Why

I’d like to thank our Facebook followers this week for their recommendation of a local company carrying out video production in Manchester (Zut Media) who we’ll be getting in touch with soon to help us out with some video production projects we have in mind.

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Finding a Recommended Mortgage Broker in Chester

Firstly let me congratulate the guys at https://yourlocalbrokerschester.co.uk/ mortgage brokers in Chester are two a penny and this site really helped me find out worth their salt. I don’t think it fair if I told you who I went with just yet because I want to write a whole post...Read More »

How To Cure Your Bad Breath

We’re all guilty of it – not brushing our teeth properly. Sometimes when you leave the house in the morning or go to bed at night you just cannot be bothered. I’ve been reading blogs about dental care recently having been searching on Google for a local...Read More »

Carpet Cleaning

First of all I’d like to say thanks to the guys I spoke to recently who are professional carpet cleaners for letting me use their image – thanks guys!

Why is it important to clean carpets regularly? In my opinion it’s because it’s a part of healthy living. An organised home...Read More »