About Us

SQUA mishart is dedicated to helping those people suffering from hair loss. This site has been put together to help people understand that they don't have to go this alone. There is a product called Kirkland Minoxidil which can help, we want to be the voice that helps.

Why SQUA Mishart?

We are a small group of people who's names when combined spell SQUA Mishart and we thought this would make an obscure and yet memorable name.

Meet the Team

We have a range of writer who contribute but meet the team behind the site.


Regan Mishart

Writer / Blogger

Regan is a passionate writer and blogger who dedicated her time to helping others.


Amad Kumar

Writer / Blogger

Amad loves helping others and is a fantastic writer contributing to health blogs worldwide.


Timothy Squam

Writer / Blogger

Timothy writers for health blogs and we are pleased to have him on board.