How To Cure Your Bad Breath 0

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We’re all guilty of it – not brushing our teeth properly. Sometimes when you leave the house in the morning or go to bed at night you just cannot be bothered. I’ve been reading blogs about dental care recently having been searching on Google for a local dentist and went to see those guys – great people, very professional who also do porcelain veneers which I considered! – who I found myself chatting to about what I’d been reading on these blogs about not brushing your teeth properly. If you want to know more about what our chat entailed people then let me entertain you for a few minutes…

People are at times lazy including myself, I’ll hold my hands up and tell you that sometimes I do not brush my teeth and I suffer from bad breath afterwards. I really should be doing this twice a day, flossing included and also chewing sugar free gum after meals but the humdrum of busy life and trying to get on with the day including the socialising and chasing the kids around to get things in order before the school run etc etc etc just takes the wind out of me so when it comes to the morning brush I’m too beat to do it. I’m so jealous of people who wake up extra early and just get on with it before they do anything else but having gone to bed so late the night before it’s not so easy to get back out of it again first thing when I’m knackered still.

So in the evening once the madness of sorting out the kids so they will go to bed at a reasonable hour they themselves take it out of me as well, then when the wife and I have finished tidying up and sorting out the mess created by these little darlings we finally get an hour or so to be together which normally involves falling asleep in front of the TV. Think I want to be flossing at that point? Nah, not me.

What I need is to take the dentists advice and manage my health routine a little better, this can be things like carrying sugar free gum and little floss sticks with me and just randomly using them. It’s also not uncommon to take a toothbrush to work for a lot of people and brush them during a break. At least this way it’s still getting done, it’s not the perfect morning and evening brushing routine but without completely changing my lifestyle and the way I’ve lived all my adult life and also by some miracle the kids becoming angels who follow what their parents say without arguing over every little thing possible then this is probably the best thing that I can think of.

So let me summarise – it’s best to brush your teeth twice a day with chewing sugar free gum in between. It’s considered lazy by some that some people can’t or won’t stick to this routine but I challenge those people to live the same life as myself and see how they fair. So without suddenly conjuring up some more time into my day I’ll keep going around the treadmill but will supplement my dental health routine by brushing my teeth whenever the time that I have allows and this could mean doing it during work hours and also chewing sugar free gum and flossing at my desk. It’s a new approach to stopping bad breath and improving my overall dental hygiene. What do you do when you can’t stick to a normal morning / evening dental routine? Or is it just me?