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Something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is the amount of driving lessons Chester available (see https://www.quailsdrive.co.uk/driving-lessons-chester/). I also looked around for driving lessons Ellesmere Port (see https://www.quailsdrive.co.uk/driving-lessons-ellesmere-port/) which is a bit closer to home and the choice is absolutely huge! So is it to be Chester or Ellesmere Port?

How to choose a great driving instructor in Chester

So this is where my search begins I want to find the best driving school or driving instructor in either Chester or Ellesmere Port, by the way these driving lessons are not for me they are for my son.

Parents vs Kids when it comes to learning to drive

There’s always going to be a concern on the behalf of parents when it comes to letting their kids out on the road, it’s bad enough when they are kids and want to ride a bike on the road for the first time – its completely normal to fret like crazy until they are safe back home again. But over time they learn to be responsbile road users and your anxiety levels drop – I’m hoping it’s going to be the same once he passes his driving test.

Chester or Ellesmere Port

I’ve linked to my choice of driving school above and this is because they cover both Chester and Ellesmere Port areas (as well as Wirral etc) so they are quite large and well established over I think 25 years. They have multiple driving instructors too which is always a bonus because if your current instructor can’t turn up for whatever reason you can always just book a lesson with an alternative locally based Chester or Ellesmere Port driving instructor from the same company. We’re in the middle between Chester and Ellesmere Port geographically speaking so that’s why we’re looking at both options.

Driving instructors

The driving instructor that you end up with is really important. My dad actually taught me to drive so I have no reference but I can say without a duobt that it’s uncanny the amount of people who didn’t learn to drive with a family member how many instructors people go through when they are learning to drive.

Sometimes this is because the driving instructor they have gone with overbooks and can’t deliver the lessons when the pupil requires them, flexibility is not always an option and this is a good reason to pick a larger driving school


I still haven’t decided but I think I’ll probably end up booking a driving lesson in Chester (or maybe a driving lesson in Ellesmere port haha) the wife will end up picking for me no doubt so I’ll keep you posted and also how my son gets on with his driving lessons – fingers crossed!