I Love This Italian Restaurant 0

Guys seriously, if you ever visit my hometown and need an Italian restaurant in Liverpool then I heartedly recommend Villa Romana to you.

I visited with a couple of friends haven’t never been there before and I can tell you that not only were the staff really good with us but the decor inside was really well done and that’s even before I get to the food!

I had my favourite pizza – ham and mushroom with cracked black pepper on top – followed by a cheesecake.

Sorry I didn’t grab a picture of the cheesecake but rest assured it was nothing short of amazing.

We were there for around an hour and a half, it was early evening and we had a few nice cold beers while there too.

I’m planning to go back with the missus soon but I just thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you my loyal readers about what I consider to be the best Italian restaurant Liverpool has to offer!