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I was reading a post the other day which I’ll provide you a link to here entitled “famous blues musicians” I’d like to share with you guys.

Famous blue musicians image 2

As you know if you’ve been following my blog I’m an artist and a lover of expression. I do like to ramble on in my blog at times but this is just a part of the overall creative mind trying to make sense of the world so I make no apologies for it.

What really struck home for me is the livest these blue musicians have led and not so much in terms of hardship which I’m sure a lot of black folk have historically had to unnecessarily endure but the similarity in tenacity that they all share.

It seems that if you love what you do then nothing will hold you back you just need to never give up.

John Lennon once famously said that wasting time is not time wasted, another great line I love is by Albert Einstein “imagination is more imporant than knowledge” and I’m pretty sure he also said knowledge is creativity having fun or words to that effect.

I create art.

Art is a way of expressing emotions.

Emotions are the culmination of thinking, body language and self feedback and how you reason with the state of the world. People strive for things to make sense.

Without switching this article into something more philosophical I would like to suggest that art is the outward expression of the intreptation of real world and imagined events.

I create digital art, I try to pain, I write in my blog and on other places such as and because these different platforms seem right for me and what I’m trying to say.

But blues is something slightly different.

You FEEL it.

It’s rhythm and soul.

It’s heartache and joy.

It’s a time machine and a dream machine for people wanting to be whisked away for a while to experience another facet of life.

I’ve also been listening to ASMR on YouTube and I find this has a similar effect – it’s a way of sinking into a feeling that takes you away from having to feed the dog or put the bins out or get the train to work each day.

So in summary – do yourself a favour and have a look at this article above. Explore the world of the blue musician, perhaps even buy a few of the songs or albums from the website or go onto YouTube and fill your boots.

Lose yourself in music, it’s other people’s art. See if you can understand what they were trying to create or simply find your own meaning in the sensations and suggestions your creativity offers to you.