Finding a Recommended Mortgage Broker in Chester 0

mortgage brokers chesterFirstly let me congratulate the guys at mortgage brokers in Chester are two a penny and this site really helped me find out worth their salt. I don’t think it fair if I told you who I went with just yet because I want to write a whole post about that and my experience but low and behold I’ve got a mortgage! Considering I’ve been self employed now for nearly 2 years it seems that this is enough in terms of producing books for lenders. I got a mortgage with Halifax which is actually a better rate than my previous mortgage it’s just a shame really that the monthly payment has nearly doubled, but the house I’ll be getting should make the whole thing worth it.

Let me tell you about my experience of trying to find a mortgage broker in Chester.

Believe it or not I first tried walking about Chester itself just to see who I could walk into and speak to someone. I’m a big believer in not trusting somebody until I meet them and I can see the whites of their eyes so I though if I can nail it while doing a bit of shopping then all the better and it’s easier then because I can just pop back in to the store or office whenever I’m around.

I tried a few and most said I needed an appointment which left me a bit disappointed. I really don’t want to end up using online comparison sites because they’re just generic and don’t really reflect my own situation (self employment) rather they just tell you what’s out there. I believe if you speak to a mortgage advisor though they can take other things into account such as my future intended direction and how my income will change or anticipate to change etc etc etc.

It’s also true that mortgage brokers can get deals that high street lenders and stack em high style online comparison sites just can’t get, brokers are personal too – they tend to know people from different lenders and scratch backs and all sorts of wonderful things.

Anyway, the day was a wash out and I ended up just going home and trying the internet. I typed in mortgage brokers Chester and dismissed a few of the results because Your Local Brokers Chester caught my eye – the top mortgage brokers in Chester? Really? I checked it out – they had reviews for each broker left by real people who had dealt with them before (the brokers) which was pretty awesome, it immediately left me to ignore a few that previously I had thought of trying. I gave one of the top 3 firms a call and here we are now – I’m mortgage accepted! I’ll keep you posted on the actual process and who I went with etc because as I said I think that possibly deserves a post in it’s own right because there are plenty of people that I’d like to thank.

Until next time!