Nude Life Drawing in Liverpool 0

This is going to sound crazy and I don’t want to put you off reading my blog but I’ve always been fascinated with being a life drawing model. I did it for a short while back in college to get some beer money together but just don’t have that level of body confidence that I once did (plus don’t need the money as badly) but my love of art has drawn me back to this path again.

I was doodling on a pad the other day coming up with some ideas and I found myself doing some life drawing. I’ve got a wooden figure that I use but I found myself reminiscing about my time as a life drawing model and before I knew it I was doing a Google search for companies interested in life models. The best one I found local to where I live seems to specialise in hen party life drawing in Liverpool called Get Nude and although I haven’t made the call yet I can see myself building up the courage at some point to go ahead.

It’s not for the money you understand – it’s for the love of art and helping other people discover their talents by using a real model, I’m not 100% sure about the hen party bit of things but surely that can only be a bit of fun haha.

That remind me that I’m also interested now in investigating photography a bit more, it’s not a form of art I’ve been interested in but I’m thinking “what if I combine it with some graphical work”.

I don’t like to show my work off on the blog as I have a thriving community over on Behance and Pinterest which I will always want to keep separate, I only ever started this blog to put down my thoughts about my life, art and local area discoveries that just seem to keep going on and on all of the time.

Anyway, not doubt I’ll follow this post up in the near future with an “I did it” or “I lost my bottle”. If you do read my blog (somebody must read it right?) then thank you – I’ll keep you informed!